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Our Research

Joshua's Great Things is excited about the partnership we have with the Pediatric Oncology Research Lab at St. Louis Children's Hospital, led by Dr. Josh Rubin.  Since 2014, we have worked with them to find new and effective ways to treat pediatric brain tumors.  


2022-2023 Update

Joshua's Great Things has been acknowledged in six publications regarding brain tumor epigenetics.  Dr Rubin and his lab continue to focus on tumor and developmental epigenetics as mediators of sex effects on tumor biology and as novel therapeutic targets.  With the support of Joshua's Great Things, they have made substantial progress in important areas.  With the support we've given to Dr Rubin, he has been able to secure over 4 millions dollars in grants from the NIH.  

Most recently, Dr Rubin summarized his work in Trends in Cancer "The Spectrum of Sex Differences in Cancer.  Click below to read the article.  

2021-2022 Update

As of the fall of 2021, Joshua's Great Things has been acknowledged in 4 publications regarding sex differences in cancer patients.  Dr Rubin's work has lead to much advancement in the field of cancer. 




From the start, we were involved in studies looking at sex-differences for cancer cells and how growth and treatment are affected.  In 2019, Dr. Rubin was involved in a research article with the Science Translational Medicine. This was the first paper that Joshua's Great Things was acknowledge in.  Click below to read more about this research.  

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